Why Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy, which helps people express the unspeakable, giving them a voice through a non-threatening and non-verbal medium

Studies have shown that 45 minutes of art making can reduce your stress levels by lowering cortisol in the body.


Participating in an art therapy group can reduce isolation by bringing people together in a meaningful way through shared experience.


Art therapy can help people integrate traumatic experiences and give them coping mechanisms. This can lead to improved self-esteem, empathy and greater resilience.


Anyone can ‘do’ art, regardless of their level of skill.


Art therapy is an accessible form of mental health support as it can bypass cultural differences and language barriers.


Art can reveal emotions that were unconscious, which allows the possibility to explore these feelings and lead to a greater understanding of them.


Art therapy provides a safe setting with no judgement, which makes it easier to process concerns.


The act of creation itself can be enjoyable and fun!

Art Therapy

“Art psychotherapy can offer the child a space to feel empowered again”
Missy - Flourish foundation

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