The Team

Missy Regan – Founder & Art Psychotherapist

Born in New Zealand, Missy moved to the London in 2008 to pursue her career in fashion design studying at Central Saint Martins. In 2013 she decided to put her creative talents to use in a more meaningful way and began her studies in an MA in Art Psychotherapy at Roehampton University, graduating with merit in June 2016. During her studies she formed Flourish Foundation, providing workshops in Palestine, Mozambiqe and Kenya, using the arts therapeutically with vulnerable children. Missy continues to focus on providing mental health support, targeting areas where this therapeutic intervention is most needed, with the current focus on the refugee crisis.

Elena – Trustee

Elena, mother of two, is passionate about the giving back to the community and believes in the benefits of the creative arts with children. She is an avid art collector and enjoys contemporary art such as Vic Muniz, Julian Opie and contemporary photography. Gagosian gallery and Tate modern are among her favourites. Elena brings her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time dedicated to the many charities she was involved with over the years. She has had been a supporter of Maria’s children charity, Downside Up, Raisa Gorbachev foundation and involved in her children school charities and development. She is honoured to be on board as the head of fundraising committee for Flourish Foundation.

Lotte Van Kouwen – Art Psychotherapist & Trustee

Lotte is a qualified Art Therapist specialising in bereavement and trauma care. Lotte works with children and young adults, using art as a medium for communication, healing, growth and change. Through Flourish Foundation, she is able to follow her passion by making the arts available to children around the world and creating meaningful experiences between the child and the therapist.

Katie – Lead Art therapist

Katie is an artist and registered art psychotherapist who has directed her art making towards collaborative projects and participatory art workshops. Katie has worked as a community artist with hard to reach youth in London, Brighton, and Latin America. In her final year of training as an art psychotherapist, she spent her time between London and Calais facilitating art workshops for children and unaccompanied young people in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais and those seeking asylum in the UK. Katie is fascinated by the potential of art to transcend the confines of language. Her personal and professional experience has shown her that through art, people can escape isolation and find that others can relate to their experience of the world.

Emily – Lead Art therapist

Emily is a registered Art Psychotherapist specialising in working with people who have been displaced. She has extensive experience of facilitating art therapy informed psychosocial groups with children, young people and adults. She is interested in empowering the individual to acknowledge their resilience and abilities by using art making alongside an Art Therapist in a safe and culturally respectful way. She is also an author and visiting lecturer on the foundation art therapy course at Roehampton University.

Past Team Members

Charlie – Volunteer Art Therapist

Having trained as a textile designer, most of my professional life has been spent as the owner and designer of a fashion label. I was based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which I loved. After 7 years I wanted to do something different, all I knew was that I wanted to work with children. I returned to the UK and through various jobs teaching art and textiles in different schools and charities across London, I discovered Art Therapy and immediately knew that was for me. I then trained at Roehampton in art psychotherapy, MA. Using creativity as a way to support and communicate with the most vulnerable, in a safe and non judgmental way, made and continues to make totally sense to me. It is the language that children speak, where ever they come from. I am incredibly lucky to love and be humbled by what I do.

Sara – Volunteer Art Therapist

Sara is a qualified Art Psychotherapist and Social Worker, with specialist experience of working with children and their families in acute distress where separation, loss and trauma are often the prevailing factors. Sara is passionate about the use of creativity as way of helping others explore and express their inner worlds and as a way of connecting and building relationships in which healing may be found.

Chloé – Volunteer Art Therapist

Chloé is a qualified Art Psychotherapist, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT). Chloé has worked in a variety of different contexts including a children’s and adult’s hospice, a veteran’s treatment centre, and primary schools. Outside of her role she has delivered educational presentations and workshops to cancer support groups and military charities. It was whilst working alongside veterans that she became interested in individuals who have had a life changing experience. Her work has further explored the field of toxic stress and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Chloé is due to begin her training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

Matteo – Volunteer Art Therapist

Matteo Merla is a dedicated volunteer who helps with the practical side of the projects run by Flourish Foundation. Based in London, Matteo became involved with Flourish Foundation purely, simply and in his own words ‘for love’. Matteo believes in the power of love and in the power of a simple smile. With these beliefs, he has brought joy to terminally ill children in Tel Aviv, played with the children of Bedonie in the middle of the desert and has painted with disabled, refugee orphans in Palestine. Click here to read more about some of the projects that have been made possible through kind volunteers like Matteo.