Projects Across The Globe

Flourish Foundation plans and carries out carefully devised art & art therapy workshops in developing countries. We journey to locations around the world where children and young adults are in desperate need of a way to address their life situations and deal effectively with challenging feelings and emotions.

Through practicing art and art therapy in a caring, safe and compassionate space, we have been able to improve the lives of over 300 disadvantaged and vulnerable children since 2012. Learn about our past trips and come back regularly to read about the trips we will be undertaking in the future.

  • Flourish in Ritsona February 23, 2017 IMG_7480

    Flourish in Ritsona

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  • Cambodia March 2, 2016 FullSizeRender

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  • London June 20, 2015 IMG_7229


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  • Kenya April 22, 2015 kenya-feat-img

    We worked with 84 children in an orphanage and a total of 140 by bringing in more children from a school within the orphanage, creating self-portraits, masks.

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  • Palestine April 22, 2015 palestine-feat-img

    At a children’s hospital we worked with 15 physically and mentally disable children. Click to read more about what we did and the impact it had.

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  • Mozambique April 21, 2015 mozambique-feat-img

    We visited 80 children in a school who had never even seen paint before! Read about the workshops we held, see the wall mural that the children created.

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