How you can help Flourish Foundation

We couldn’t achieve our charity objectives without the kind and generous support of our supporters and donors. We welcome donations and are extremely appreciate of any we receive, but you can also support us by purchasing our necklace, helping us to fulfil our wish list or sponsoring a child.

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‘Flourish with Heart’ necklace


Our Flourish with Heart necklace is worn by donors as a visual symbol of their support. This finely-crafted 14ct rose-gold plated necklace encases a crystal heart to symbolise the care and compassion that is at the very core of Flourish Foundation.

All proceeds from the sale of our Flourish with Heart necklaces go straight to the children we work with. By purchasing this necklace, you will be doing so much more than simply treating yourself, a friend or a loved one – you will be actively helping and improving the lives of children and young people to flourish through the arts.