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Flourish foundation travelled to Palestine to help local children thorough the arts



palestine-1Samir is a sweet, 14-year old boy from Jericho, Palestine. Tragically, Samir’s entire family died in a car accident, leaving him orphaned and alone. He has been motionless since birth and he is unable to talk, but he has an awareness of his surroundings, which is evident by the way his eyes light up when he hears music being played for him.  palestine-3Maryam is a lovely 6 year old girl who had to spend few months in the Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem. Although she was ill, she had a wonderful attitude, was delighted to have visitors and she bonded at once with myself, Missy, Zoe and Nahir. Together we spent a very nice day painting and playing – we enjoyed it as much as she did!palestine-5Nida is a 5 year old Palestinian orphan, who, despite her disabilities, has one of the happiest smiles I have ever seen! She is extremely friendly and loving, but unfortunately she cannot control her hands, making painting with her difficult, but she really enjoyed our company and we really enjoyed hers!



palestine-2Baseema and Inaam are two, four-year old Palestinian girls who have been orphaned as a result of losing their families in the Gaza Strip. They are staying at an institute in Bethlehem now and despite their circumstances, they are happy, loving children who really love art! We bonded immediately. Their special smiles and warm hugs were a true gift to me. palestine-4The day nursery club is a special place in Bethlehem, where all the workers can bring their children to stay and be well looked after by the staff while they go to work. We spent a nice morning creating art and playing with the children there and once we gained their trust, we were really able to enjoy some quality time together. Despite the critical situation in Palestine, we discovered that there are a lot of people who believe in a real future.