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How you can help Flourish Foundation

We couldn’t achieve our charity objectives without the kind and generous support of our supporters and donors. We welcome donations and are extremely appreciate of any we receive, but you can also support us by purchasing our necklace, helping us to fulfil our wish list or sponsoring a child.

Supplies for our ‘wish list’

The schools, orphanages and hospitals we visit generally have no art supplies of their own or, if they do, they are really quite limited. Flourish Foundation supplies art packs for every child or young person we work with and we can never have too many! If you are a school, business, organisation or individual who is able to help us with the provision of art supplies, please get in touch.

We appreciate all donations, regardless of size, and every resource given will be put to good use. In particular, we need art supplies of all types including, but not limited to: