Charity Objectives

Flourish Foundation’s principle aim is to enhance and enrich the lives of children and young adults through the mediums of art and art therapies. We are driven by a key set of values and objectives, which are intrinsic in helping us to achieve our charities mission:

  • To facilitate a creative outlet that fosters the individuals skills and demonstrates their internal resilience
  • To facilitate creative spaces that are non-judgemental and safe for free expression
  • To support children, young people and adults to increase confidence, self-esteem and a sense of self worth
  • To build upon and enhance the vital social skills that are essential for life development through modelling safe and trusting relationships
  • To work across cultures in appropriate and respectful ways, remembering that we are learning from and with the individuals we are privileged to meet with

To find out more about how you can help us to achieve these objectives and make a positive different to the lives of even more children and young people in the future, please see our donate page or contact us for further details.