About Us

Healing through the arts therapeutically

Flourish foundation is an independent art therapy and therapeutic arts charity that believes art can be a medium for personal growth, that it can enrich lives and present opportunities for expression, reflection and reparation.

Whilst therapeutic provisions are available in most developed countries, there is a lack of such investment in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world – often where it is needed most. Flourish connects with other grass root organisations in areas where therapy is possible, in order to provide a culturally appropriate service to children and young people. The team at Flourish consist of UK trained art psychotherapists who are able to facilitate the emergence and expression of individuals potential.

The children we work with

The children and young people we work with have suffered traumas in many ways; some have escaped violent war, persecution and human rights violations, others have lost family members, suffered abuse and neglect and as a result may have developed anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. At Flourish we use art therapy and art workshops to provide the children and young people with a compassionate and caring safe space with creative materials for the expression of themselves and their experiences.