About Us

Healing through the arts therapeutically

Flourish foundation is an art therapy charity that believes art can enrich lives and present opportunities for expression, reflection and reparation.Whilst therapeutic provisions are available in most developed countries, there is a lack of such services in disadvantaged areas of the world – often where it is needed most. We believe that community art spaces facilitated by trained art therapists can offer a respectful, creative place for respite, emotional expression and promote a positive sense of psychological wellbeing. We work internationally connecting with other grass root organisations to implement appropriate services in areas of the world where individuals might not have access to art making and trained mental health practitioners.

The young people we work with

Many of the young people we work with are survivors of human rights violations, war and neglect. At Flourish we use art therapy and psychosocial art workshops to provide support by creating a safe, compassionate space with creative materials for the young people to be able to express themselves and their experiences.